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Which manufacturer of biomass pellet fuel is better?

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Xia Jin Xin Yidong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a biomass pellet production, biomass fuel management, biomass transport services as one of the integrity of the enterprise. Kunming area of Yunnan Province has a perfect factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with advanced biomass equipment. The main company has more than 40 employees, including 22 senior technical personnel and management personnel, with a vigorous and positive management team, a group of professional teams with rich knowledge and superb management experience, with research and development, biomass production, biomass energy processing and marketing as one of the production scale and strength.

Business philosophy: Xia Jin Xin Yidong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is an old biomass pellet production enterprises, over the years to 'quality for survival, service and development' as the business philosophy, out of a production, sales, research as one of the development road, welcome new and old customers to come to Xia Jin Xin Yidong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. to buy. (At present, the company is in the growth stage, and the company's various biomass pellet products will serve users through wholesale and distribution.) ,

Quality assurance: Xiajin Xinyidong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the technical improvement, production and sales of biomass pellets. We have perfect and scientific management of fuel pellet production line equipment, stable and sufficient raw material supply partners, strict management and control of every link from raw material acquisition to production and strict control of product quality. Our company's products have the advantages of good particle singleness, no coking, low slag and so on, the combustion particle value can reach 3600-4800 kcal /KG or so, and has the advantages of low ash rate, large particle density, small volume, and good moisture ratio.

Our company has a set of production and processing of biomass pellet fuel, bio-pellet fuel production line, professional technical personnel, experienced production staff, stable raw material suppliers and sufficient high-quality supply. The new energy pellet fuel produced and developed by the company has the advantages of small size, large density, easy handling, high calorific value, cleanliness, convenient storage and transportation, stable combustion, long cycle, high energy efficiency, no pollution and other advantages, compared with coal and other traditional fuels.


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