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How to distinguish between good and bad biomass pellet fuel?

2022-04-09 17:53:33 57 本站

How to distinguish between good and bad biomass pellet fuel? Biomass pellet fuel has the role of energy saving and environmental protection, many factories, enterprises, power plants began to use biomass pellet fuel. Now biomass pellets are more popular in the market, but we still need to carefully screen them. Some friends will say that the cheap biomass pellet fuel is the same, no problem, in fact, he only knows one, the boiler will have various problems after using inferior biomass pellet fuel, delay production, and even cause the furnace to stop maintenance. So how to distinguish between good and bad biomass pellet fuel? The following Yunnan Guangming biomass pellet manufacturers to explain to you:

There are five main problems caused by boiler burning inferior biomass pellet fuel:

① The combustion is not sufficient, the temperature does not go up;

② Flue gas emission is not up to standard;

③ The front of the chain grate is easy to block:

(4) The combustion zone at the front of the furnace is easy to coking;

⑤ The smoke pipe and the tail economizer are easy to jam.


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