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Why does biomass pellet fuel coking occur?

2022-04-09 17:54:12 53 本站

Biomass pellet burner is a kind of equipment that burns biomass pellet fuel. Its main working principle is to feed the biomass pellet into the furnace of the biomass pellet burner, use an electronic igniter or artificial ignition in the furnace, mix the oxygen provided by the blower, burn at a high temperature and crack to produce combustible gas. Through the nozzle mixed secondary distribution of oxygen into the heating "boiler, kiln, hot blast furnace" and other equipment to burn again, thus providing heat for heating. So why does the biomass pellet burner produce biomass pellet fuel coking in the production?


The main reasons for coking of biomass pellet fuel are as follows:

1, biomass pellet burner feed design is unreasonable, resulting in biomass pellet fuel in the furnace pile, thick in the middle, thin on both sides.

2, the feed speed of the biomass pellet burner is too fast, the biomass pellet fuel in the furnace is not fully burned, and the new pellet fuel is covered.

3, the quality of biomass pellet fuel, the conventional fixed grate biomass pellet burner on the market is generally recommended to burn pure wood particles, ash within two, the caloric value of more than 4,000 kcal, it is not recommended to burn rice husk particles, template particles, wood particles, peanut shell particles and other coking pellet fuel.

4, biomass pellet burner oxygen distribution system defects, resulting in biomass pellet fuel combustion oxygen supply is insufficient, can not be fully burned.

5, the exhaust of the auxiliary equipment of the biomass pellet burner is improperly configured, resulting in positive pressure in the furnace, heat accumulation in the furnace can not go out, and the high temperature of the furnace reaches the melting point of the biomass pellet fuel ash, which is easier to form coke.

The above are several common reasons for coking of biomass pellet burners. If your biomass pellet burner has a coking phenomenon, it can be analyzed according to the above points. At present, the domestic biomass pellet burner manufacturers are uneven, many manufacturers think that the biomass pellet combustion mechanism is very simple, that the biomass pellet is sent to the furnace combustion can meet customer needs, in fact, there is a great knowledge of biomass combustion, such as the diameter of the furnace, the design of oxygen distribution, including the length and diameter of the nozzle, etc. All need to go through scientific tests and long-term practical application test, in order to design and manufacture a reliable quality, the real sense of the biomass pellet burner.

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