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Why does the bio-pellet stove smoke?

2022-04-09 17:49:37 70 本站

Biomass pellet fuel, bituminous coal, wood these fuels, unlike anthracite after treatment, fixed carbon content is high, volatile yield is low combustion will not produce smoke. Good quality biomass particles have something in common with anthracite, that is, they are both high density and high hardness, but in the volatile matter and fixed carbon, biomass wood particles are pressed with wood, less carbon content and more volatile matter.

Biomass pellet fuel is of high purity and does not contain other sundries that do not produce heat, with carbon content of 75-85%, ash content of 3-6% and water content of 1-3%.

When the biomass pellet fuel is ignited, the particles are slowly carbonized, the combustion is incomplete, and the flue gas of water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides is produced, and the flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the boiler flue and chimney under the action of blast and phoenix, so we will see the black smoke from the boiler.

When the boiler endogenous material particles are completely burned, the temperature in the furnace is as high as 800-1000 degrees, or even higher, the water, ash and other volatiles contained in the biomass particles are rapidly carbonized and burned at high temperatures, and the combustible hydrocarbons such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides and oxygen are fully converted into non-combustible gases on time, and the impurities in the black smoke have been burned off at high temperatures. So you don't see any black smoke, which is what everyone says there's no smoke.

There are many reasons for black smoke in the biomass boiler furnace:

1, biomass pellet fuel quality is poor, containing more impurities;

2, boiler feed too fast, insufficient combustion;

3, not clean the furnace ash;

4, the use of long time, the smoke pipe is blocked;


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